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Van Dyke Church of Christ, Warren, MI

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● Vernon McGee

● Claytus Anderson

● Robert Oz

● Connie Wyatt

● Willie Johnson

● J.E. Alexander

● Paul Brown

● J.D. Cash

● Perry Milner

● Ray Dillard

● Dowell Flatt

● Randall Toye

● Michael McKissick

● Jerry Robertson

● Clifford Tucker

● Ronald Meecham

● Lonale Stewart Sr.



● Almon  Ellis

● Cleveland Oliver

● Edgar Grant Pistole

● John Young

● George Bradshaw

● Allen Cash

● Ray Clary

● George Pierce

● Fred Turner

● Edward Birdwell

● Harmon Black

● Clinton Lawson

● Glynn Wright

● Denzel Gross



● Edward Birdwell

● Herbert Choate

● Walter Judd

● Clinton Lawson

● Howard Randolph

● George Pierce

● Mitchell Smith

● Daniel Lesko

● Tom Barnett

● Thomas Barnett

● Lear Pigg

● Charles Tunis

● Herb Akers

● Paul Henderson

● William Dempsey

● Richard Halstead

● Everette Hinson

● Dan Wright


7256 East Nine Mile Location (Year 1942-1966)


5201 East Nine Mile Location (Year 1966)


5201 East Nine Mile Location (Current)


All the history below is not the sum of Van Dyke’s history but do give an account of it’s beginnings, successes, milestones, and highlights of the Van Dyke Church of Christ.



In pre-Warren days in the village of Van Dyke, May, 1940, the Edna Aker, Lynn Armstrong, Almon Ellis, Leonard Glover, William Rucker, Elsie Tunis, Carl Vick, and Lamon Wright families met in The Odd Fellows Hall to begin the Van Dyke congregation, which dates the first service and served as home for the church.


A basement was constructed in 1942 at 7256 East Nine Mile. The building was completed in 1948. The first service at the new location was held in the fall of 1948. Because of continued growth, the auditorium was enlarged and additional property was purchased for an overflowing Bible school and adequate parking.


Looking to the future, 2.6 acres were purchased at a price of $66,000 at 5201 East Nine Mile. On this well located property, a beautiful, practical, $351,000 building was completed in 1966. The auditorium has a seating capacity of 750. There are 36 classrooms to accommodate 700 students. Central heat and air are appreciated features. The first worship services was held October 2 and the formal dedication on October 23, 1966.


The First Van Dyke elders were Almon Ellis, Cleveland Oliver, Edgar Pistole, and John Young. Other elders have been George Bradshaw, Allen Cash, Ray Clary, George Pierce, and Fred Turner, Edward Birdwell, Harmon Black, Clinton Lawson, Glynn Wright, and Denzel Gross.


Vernon McGee was the first preacher. Other local ministers have been Claytus Anderson, Robert Oz, Connie Wyatt, Willie Johnson, J.E. Alexander, Paul Brown, J.D. Cash, Perry Milner, Ray Dillard, Dowell Flatt, Randall Toye, Michael McKissick, Jerry Robertson, Clifford Tucker, Ronald Meecham, and currently since April 9, 2017, Lonale Stewart, Sr. serves as the local evangelist and pulpit minister.


Men who have conducted gospel meetings at Van Dyke include T.C. Wilcox, Jack McElroy, Jewell Norman, Charlie Taylor, J.C. Rodie, Jame Cope, brother Hamilton, C.L. Overturf, R.C. Oliver, Robert Oz, J.B. Gaither, Charles Lemmons, Jo Clary, E.J. Craddock, Franklin Fox, Don McWhorter, J.D. Cash, W.A. Bradfield, Mac Layton, Will Ed Warren, and many more.


Outstanding features of the present work include the strong visitation programs, faithful ladies class, dynamic youth work, and sound Bible school program. Orphan homes in Kentucky and Indiana are supported. In addition to the Herald of Truth, mission works are supported in East Lansing, Michigan and Macheke, Rhodesia.


The first two songs used in the New building were “Jesus Love Me” and “I Want To Be A Worker.” Love and work will describe the Van Dyke congregation.



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